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WCC Healthy Forest Report

Healthy Forest Report
Western Colorado Congress' latest report, “A Naturalist View of Forest Health in Colorado,” uses science and knowledge of forest ecosystems to address the growing myth of a forest health crisis in Colorado.

The WCC report shows the disconnect between current political manueverings and what science really says about the health of our forests.

Other findings in the report include:
  • “Logging for water” – the practice of clear-cutting large areas of forest in an attempt to increase water yield off the land – carries an environmental cost that is not worth the uncertain benefits.
  • Resources should be directed toward protecting homes and lives in the Community Protection Zone because fires in Colorado forests are inevitable.
You can read the report on-line (PDF Format) or download the PDF file (22 MB).
To read on-line, click the cover.
To download, right click the cover and select Save Target As... To download a free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, Click here.

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