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Ridgway - Ouray Community Council (ROCC)

P.O. Box 414, Ridgway, CO 81432
Contact Jim Stephenson (970) 626 - 5594

The Ridgway-Ouray Community Council (ROCC) is the Ouray County community group of the Western Colorado Congress.

As ROCC was getting off the ground in 1993, the group wasted no time in making its mark by stopping a large supermarket's plans to build in Ridgway - an action that would have ended Ridgway's small-town character. Other accomplishments include passing a light pollution ordinance and sponsoring the Red Mountain Summit which educated the public about efforts to protect over 10,000 acres of the San Juan Mountains from development. Since Ouray County is one of the fastest growing counties in Colorado, it's no small wonder that for years ROCC members have been involved in developing county Master Plans and Land Use Codes.

More recently, ROCC members have worked to protect the Dallas Trail, which runs along the northern flank of the Sneffels Range of the San Juan Mountains, from being turned into an off-road vehicle route. Members have also been pushing for a curbside recycling program within the city of Ridgway, and completed a public survey showing support for such a program.