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7 N. Cascade,
Montrose, CO 81401
Tel: (970) 249.1978
Fax: (970) 249-1983

1129 Colorado Ave. #320
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Tel: (970) 256-7650
Fax: (970) 243-5984

Mailing Addresses:
P.O. Box 472
Montrose,CO 81402

P.O. Box 1931
Grand Junction, CO 81502

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Uncompahgre Valley Association (UVA)

P.O. Box 472, Montrose, CO 81402
Contact John Baldus (970) 240-1553

The Uncompahgre Valley Association (UVA) is the Montrose County community group of the Western Colorado Congress.

UVA formed in 1983 and over the years has been involved in some of WCC's toughest campaigns - from forcing the clean-up of Louisiana Pacific's waferboard plant in Olathe to stopping plans for a low-level radioactive waste dump in Montrose County to protecting the flows in the Gunnison River. UVA members were also a large part of the driving force behind WCC's annual Sustainable Living & Energy Fairs in the mid-1990s.

UVA members started taking on growth issues in 1994 when they successfully amended the County Zoning Resolution to improve the ability of the county commissioners to regulate land use. Since that time, members' involvement in growth issues has taken many forms - from controlling the proliferation of gravel pits to attempting to set a limit on the size of "big box" retailers building within the city to pushing for fees that make growth pay its own way. UVA members are also responsible for keeping the Montrose Recycling Center open and for helping push the idea of curbside recycling into reality.


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