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7 N. Cascade,
Montrose, CO 81401
Tel: (970) 249.1978
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1129 Colorado Ave. #320
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Tel: (970) 256-7650
Fax: (970) 243-5984

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P.O. Box 472
Montrose,CO 81402

P.O. Box 1931
Grand Junction, CO 81502

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Western Slope Environmental Resource Council

P.O. Box 1612, Paonia, CO 81428

Contact Tara Thomas, director, (970) 527-5307 [email protected]

The Western Slope Environmental Resource Council is the Delta County community group of the Western Colorado Congress. WSERC maintains its own office and staff in Paonia.

Local Residents formed the Western Slope Energy Research Center (WSERC) in 1976 when development of energy resources threatened to overwhelm Delta County. One of the first grassroots environmental groups in the state, WSERC went on to tackle issues including wilderness, forest management, and water projects. In 1993, the group changed its name to the Western Slope Environmental Resource Council to better reflect its expanded mission.

In 1999, after years of minimal activity at local mines, WSERC members learned coal production would double over the next five years. WSERC was committed to creating a community dialog that was based on fact, not fear and rumors, and succeeded in convening the North Fork Coal Working Group. As a result of the Working Group's efforts, the largest coal company signed an agreement upholding many quality of life standards.

WSERC has been mapping the Gunnison and Uncompahgre National Forests to identify new, illegal motorized trails. This information will be incorporated into WSERC's comments on the revisions of the Travel Plans for these Forests.

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