WCC's 30th Anniversary

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Montrose Pavilion, Montrose, Colorado
Saturday, October 2, 2010

Planting Prosperity: Local Foods & Sustainable Communities celebrates the people who are working to improve our foods and the systems that deliver them in order to better sustain not only our bodies, but also our communities. In discussions with our panelists and other local activists, we hope to “open our conscience to our place in the world” and be inspired to make a difference.

Our Panelists:

“Food is the one central thing about human experience that can open up both our senses and our conscience to our place in the world.”

-- Alice Waters, proprietor of Chez Panisse


"Every purchase is a political act."

-- Michael Pollan, author of "The Ominivore's Dilemma"

As part of our celebration, we'll show FRESH, the movie, at 5:30 pm!

  • Rebecca Terk is from Middlebury, Vermont, but has spent the bulk of the last 17 years in South Dakota, where she intensively managed her farm for non-certified organic vegetable crops. As a member of Dakota Rural Action [WCC’s sister group through WORC], she worked on local producer issues and statewide concerns -- including South Dakota’s Home-Processed Foods Law. Terk is in the process of relocating to southwest Minnesota where she will work for the Land Stewardship Project as Local Foods Organizer in Big Stone County.
  • Kris Holstrom is Executive Director and Regional Sustainability Coordinator of The New Community Coalition. Holstrom also runs Tomten Farm, a high–altitude, off-grid organic vegetable growing operation in San Miguel County. She has spent over two decades in the region educating the public and youth about sustainability issues including renewable energy, food security, waste reduction and “out of the box” thinking to contribute to regional solutions to current challenges.
  • David Lynch is founder of Guidestone, a nonprofit organization in Chaffee County dedicated to preserving the agricultural resources of the Upper Arkansas River Valley and fostering a local food system. David has launched a pilot LandLink Initiative that connects next generation farmers with retiring farmers and absentee landowners. He currently owns a raw milk dairy in Buena Vista and operates an organic and natural foods distribution business for the Central Colorado Region. Founder and President of the Raw Milk Association of Colorado, David was instrumental in developing legislation that legalized the availability of raw milk in Colorado.
  • Kathy DelTonto has worked with the Montrose RE-1J School District for 28 years, the last four as the Director of the Nutrition Services Program, and currently serves as the President of the Western Area School Nutrition Association. Teaming with the Aspen-based Children’s Health Foundation, DelTonto is aiming to reduce the district’s reliance on processed foods to 10% starting this year, in part by working with local farmers. Her family has owned and operated a ranch for five generations in Montrose County.


"You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit."

-- Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, featured in the movie FRESH

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Other Resource People

We're inviting other people to add depth to our small group discussions after our panelists speak, including: [and we'll be adding to this list!]

as well as our special guests:

  • Teresa Erickson, WCC's first Director, and current Director of Northern Plains Resource Council in Billings, MT
  • Pat Sweeney, Executive Director of the Western Organization of Resource Councils in Billings, MT
  • Chuck Worley, one of WCC's Founding Humans, with copies of his hot-off-the-press book, Out of Bounds: Poems & Letters from Prison by a Conscientious Objector to the Good War

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Business meeting - This year’s Annual Business Meeting, starting at 10:00 am, will culminate a year’s worth of discussions by WCC’s Board of Directors as to how to improve the organization’s structure and governance.

  • BYLAW CHANGES: Revisions to the WCC Bylaws include changes to the composition and election of the Board of Directors, updates reflecting current technology, and generally clarifyinging the bylaws. The Board is asking the membership to ratify changes which the Board approved at its July 24 meeting in Ridgway. [View detailed changes here]
  • ELECTIONS: As provided in the Bylaws, 2011 would see the election of WCC President and Treasurer to two year terms. The Board of Directors is recommending that the current President [Gretchen Nicholoff] and Treasurer [Randy Parker] have their terms extended for one year. In addition, acting Vice President Paul Light was appointed by the Board earlier this year to fill a vacancy. The Board recommends electing Light to fill the remaining term through October 2011.
  • ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION: In order for the WCC Board of Directors to have the desired interest and skills, the Board recommends an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation that the Directors-at-Large be appointed by the Board, not elected by members at the Annual Meeting.

Silent Auction - A silent auction will once again be an exciting part of the Annual Meeting. Mail in this form if you would like to donate an item to the auction, or call Brenda at 970-640-3402.

Registration for the day is:

  • $15 for WCC members
  • $5 for students
  • $25 for non-members [includes free WCC membership if you're not currently a member!]
  • Plus $10 per person if you're joining us for Lunch, which will feature local foods from the Montrose area. [Reservation needed by September 29.]

Pay online using Google Checkout [below] or print out a registration form to mail in with your check, or call (970) 256-7650.

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