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Western Colorado Congress has more than 2000 members in five community groups. Our groups tap into the expertise of a professional organizing staff based in Grand Junction as well as a lobbyist who represents our interests in the State Legislature.

You can make a donation via credit card by clicking on the Donate Now button at right. GivingFirst.org is a community foundation that does not charge participating organizations any transaction fees -- SO WCC AND YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUP RECEIVE 100% OF YOUR DONATION DOLLARS.

  NOTE: By default, any donation above our normal dues will be split 50:50 between WCC and your local community group. If you would like to specify a different split, please do so in the "Comment" field.

 OR You may fill out and print the form below to send with your donation to: WCC, PO Box 1931, Grand Junction CO 81502.   

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Your WCC membership includes membership in one of our local community groups. Please select the appropriate group based on your residence and/or interests.

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Please confirm the amount you want charged to your credit card, including any extra contribution. If you would like to make automatic monthly donations using your credit card, please enter the monthly charge in the Amount field. Please note that you can easily set up monthly donations through Giving First.org as well.

Print and mail in this form with either credit card information or a personal check made payable to WCC, PO Box 1931, Grand Junction CO 81502.

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Western Colorado Congress is an alliance for community action empowering people
to protect and enhance their quality of life in western Colorado.

PO Box 1931, Grand Junction, CO 81502; phone (970) 256-7650; fax (970) 245-0686