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Our Community Groups

Western Colorado Congress is comprised of six community groups that work on local issues as well as participating in regional campaigns. In addition to these groups, WCC is in conversation with the San Luis Valley Citizens Alliance about joining our alliance.

To learn more about each local group, click on a name below or on the county of interest in the map at right.

Beyond Colorado

Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley

Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

Ridgway-Ouray Community Council

Uncompahgre Valley Association

WCC of Mesa County

Beyond Colorado

Western Colorado Congress belongs to the Western Organization of Resource Councils, a network of grassroots organizations from seven states. By combining efforts with groups in North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon and Idaho, we work to shape national legislation and administrative policies to protect the West.

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Western Colorado Congress is an alliance for community action empowering people
to protect and enhance their quality of life in western Colorado.

PO Box 1931, Grand Junction, CO 81502; phone (970) 256-7650; fax (970) 245-0686