Our Issues

Gas Drilling: Working with surface landowners about faced with drilling proposals on their land as well as working to protect roadless areas from drilling.

Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill: Raising concerns about the proposed uranium mill in the Paradox Valley which would be the first new facility built in the US in 25 years.

Public Lands: Winning wilderness designation for lower elevation canyon country areas like the Greater Dominguez Canyons National Conservation Area and the lower Dolores River Canyon as well as working towards sound management of all our public lands.

Oil Shale: Ensuring that no development occurs until the now-experimental extraction technologies have been proven, and the environmental and economic/social impacts of those technologies are fully understood and addressed.



Western Colorado Congress is an alliance for community action empowering people
to protect and enhance their quality of life in western Colorado.

PO Box 1931, Grand Junction, CO 81502; phone (970) 256-7650; fax (970) 245-0686