Renewable Energy

Recent Updates

  • "Moore embodies renewable energy" (July/August 2005 WCC Clarion) WCC member John Moore of Crawford pedals his way to renewable meeting in South Dakota.
  • WeCAN, our youth affiliate group in Mesa County, is working to switch the radio station at Mesa State College over to solar power.
  • The Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley, our community group in Routt County, is looking to a Renewable Energy Mitigation Program similar to the one in place in Pitkin County.

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Background Information

  • Colorado is ranked eleventh nationally in wind resources, in the top five for solar resources, and has a strong potential to develop biomass as a source of energy.
  • No other state ranks higher than Colorado in combined renewable energy resources.

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Other Resources

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Action Alert!

Even though Colorado voters passed a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) in November, utilities are dragging their feet and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has yet to set the rules that will implement the measure. Send the PUC some motivation today!




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