WCC Board


Bill Grant is a retired Professor of American Cultural Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Starting with the infamous grape boycott in California in the 1960s, Bill has been involved with a long string of social and environmental campaigns in many parts of the country.

  Andrea Robinsong is active in the Black Canyon Audubon Society and serves on the Bureau of Land Management’s Southwestern Colorado Resource Advisory Committee. She has spent a lifetime as an activist in civil rights, peace and justice, and environmental issues.
  Cara Golden started out on WCC's Board as a rep for WeCAN while she worked towards her Bachelors in Public Accounting and an MBA at Mesa State College in Grand Junction. Now that she has graduated, she is working and living in Montrose.   Peter Crowell has been a Colorado resident since 1980, although during that period he spent 12 years as a businessman in Germany. Peter is interested in water issues, growth management, and sustainable agriculture. He also brought WCC into the Internet Age, creating WCC's first website.
  Charlie Kerr is far from retired now that he no longer teaches English at Grand Junction High School. In addition to having what amounts to a full-time job as WCC President, he serves as the chair of the Mesa County Air Quality Planning Committee, is a member of the BLM's Northwest Resource Advisory Council - Category 2, and is an English instructor at Mesa State College.   John Whittum is on the board of the Strawberry Park Group, a landowners’ conservation association. As a former active Rotary Club member, John volunteered with the Steamboat Special Olympics and Foreign Student Exchange Program. John is a retired secondary school and college educator and administrator.
    Open position (If you're interested in serving as the Concerned Citizens Alliance's board rep, contact Andy Whipple at 970-256-7650.)  

Alan Maitland and his wife retired to Battlement Mesa from California where Alan taught school for 34 years. The area’s natural beauty drew them and they enjoy hiking in the public lands surrounding the community. Alan is very active in his church.

  Jim Stephenson is a professional photographer. Jim is active in WCC’s public land campaigns, and in particular with an effort to keep off-road vehicles off the Dallas Trail, a sensitive area in the San Juan Mountains.   Chuck Burr and Jacquie and their two kids live in Telluride. Chuck is a certified Permaculture designer, is on the Sheep Mountain Alliance board of directors, and is a former software CEO.
  Noalani Terry, the descendent of Colorado settlers, is a registered Polarity Practitioner (holistic health) and a professional free lance indexer. She was library manager at World Resources Institute in DC for 9 years and national chair of the Environment and Resource Management Division of the Special Libraries Association.   Jason Sullivan is a sophomore at Mesa State College in Grand Junction and a Colorado native.
  Monica Wiitanen is a member of the North Fork Coal Working Group, Delta County's Upper North Fork Area Planning Committee, the Valley Organic Growers' Association, and is a vendor at the North Fork Farmers' Market. Monica also enjoys the fiber arts--spinning, weaving, knitting, tatting and sewing.   Gene Goffin is an attorney who is also working with WCC’s community group in Delta County to respond to the escalating development of coalbed methane resources in that area. Gene has worked with community organizations for nearly 40 years.
  Curtis Imrie leads a corral-centered life at the base of Mt. Columbia in Buena Vista where he raises and races world-champion pack burros. He campaigns for economic populist causes, is an independent film-maker and has twice been the Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative (3rd and 5th districts).   Dean Moffat has been an architect and planner in Glenwood Springs for 31 years. He is also a board member of the Glenwood Springs Arts Council , Stepstone Center and the Frontier Historical Society.
  Larry Mosher served for four years on the Delta County Planning Commission and as a board member for the Three Rivers Land Trust and the Black Canyon Regional Land Trust. Larry worked as a reporter and editor for 33 years in Washington, D.C., Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He also owned and edited a newsletter that covered water resource issues, The Water Reporter.   Tony Prendergast is a working outdoorsman who has been a wilderness ranger, Outward Bound instructor, natural builder and ranch hand. He serves on the Public Lands committees of WSERC and WCC, and helped create the Black Canyon Land Trust. He practices land stewardship on a ranch near Crawford.
  Peggy Rawlins moved to Battlement Mesa in Garfield County nine years ago and almost immediately became a spokesperson on issues surrounding gas drilling. The issues of gas drilling seem to have followed Peggy in her recent move to Grand Junction, where she helped pass a watershed protection ordinance in 2006.      

Western Colorado Congress is an alliance for community action empowering people
to protect and enhance their quality of life in western Colorado.

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