Comment on Radiation Control Act rules

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is coming to Grand Junction and Montrose this week, seeking public comment on a state rule-making about uranium processing.

Part 18: Licensing Requirements for Uranium and Thorium Processing is part of the state’s Radiation Control Act that governs the process for how uranium mills are licensed and the requirements that licenses must meet.  Specifically, Part 18 deals with the role of the public, governing when and how CDPHE must seek public input in the licensing process and how bonding rates are calculated.

Many WCC members testified at the Piñon Ridge Mill hearing in Nucla last year, a hearing that took place because we held CDPHE accountable for bad public process.  As the issue progressed, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission criticized the state regulations for not complying with federal standards.  The Part 18 rulemaking is CDHPE’s attempt to reconcile state law to federal requirements.

After initial review of the proposed rule, we are concerned that the state’s proposal falls short of the improvements truly needed to ensure good public process around uranium mill licensing. Help us bring these concerns directly to CDPHE by joining us this week!

A draft of the proposed rule and background information can be found here, and initial comments on the proposed rule are here.

Uranium Processing Stakeholder Meetings:
Nov 12:  Grand Junction @ 6pm at the Clarion Inn, 755 Horizon Drive
Nov 13: Montrose @ 6pm at Holiday Inn Express, 1391 S. Townsend Avenue

Written comments can also be submitted until Jan 7th, 2014, send to [email protected]

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