Recommended Links

Colorado Action Network: Receive alerts and updates year-round about hot Colorado issues.

Conservation Colorado: Working to protect Colorado’s environment statewide by educating & mobilizing citizens and uniting & supporting environmental organizations in coalitions.

Colorado Legislature: Complete resources for contacting your state legislators in Denver or tracking state legislation.

Colorado Watershed Assembly: A nonprofit advocate for watershed organizations around the state and citizen involvement in the collaborative decision making process.

Community Shares of Colorado: Founded in 1986, Community Shares is a nonprofit federation that raises funds for over 110 Colorado charities through 135 workplace giving campaigns reaching 150,000 potential donors each year. A program of the Community First Foundation, whose mission is “to improve quality of life by increasing community generosity and involvement.” Their website provides donation services to other non-profits including WCC — Support WCC Now!

Middle Colorado River Watershed Partnership: WCC continues to be a part of the Middle Colorado River Watershed Partnership, a Garfield County collaborative effort between non-profits, local government, industries, and water providers.  The Partnership includes both a broad stakeholders group and a steering committee.

Oil & Gas Accountability Project [OGAP]: works to reform government policies at the federal, state and local level.

TEDX: [The Endocrine Disruptor Exchange] maintains a publicly available database of the potential health effects of chemicals used during natural gas operations. The list currently contains nearly 1,000 products, but is by no means complete.

US Congress: Congressional directory, current legislation and more!

Voter Registration Form: Fill out and print this Colorado voter registration form, then take it into your County Clerk’s office. [Currently you cannot submit the form electronically.]

Western Organization of Resource Councils: A regional network of grassroots community organizations (including WCC) that includes 10,000 members and 35 local chapters. WORC helps its member groups succeed by providing training and coordinating issue work.