11 Days Left in Colorado Legislature!

The Colorado General Assembly is winding down for the year, but things are heating up!

WCC’s members are working on bills for social justice, environmental quality and industry acountability-but WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Action today elevates your voice in the Colorado Legislature, updates state-level uranium policies and reins-in oil & gas.  On this Earth Day, let’s do our part to nurture healthy landscapes and communities.

Senate Bill 192

Colorado could have new rules requiring uranium companies to clean-up water to its historic quality, and the public would be notified of spills quickly-if passed.  Let’s foster support for public health protection, vital public notice and timely communication for this toxic and radioactive subject!

House Bill 1303

This bipartisan bill lets Coloradans speak during legislative committee hearings without driving to the Denver capital!  Through video conferencing, people could testify from state buildings like universities or agency offices.  It has breezed through the House with little opposition, and now it’s heading over to the Senate.

House Bill 1356

The oil & gas industry could face fines up to $15,000 per day if they pollute or are found non-compliant with state rules. If passed, the bill would hold industry accountable and raise revenue for the state.  Let’s do both through these common sense provisions.

Senate Bill 5

An honest day’s work merits honest pay, and this bill helps protect workers who are at risk of wage theft.  Sometimes people with language barriers, disabilities or little information are not paid.  Help employees from all backgrounds get the wages they’ve earned.

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WCC members met with Sen. Gail Schwartz on a recent trip to the state capitol.

WCC members met with Sen. Gail Schwartz on a recent trip to the state capitol.

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