Radiation Control Act Meetings in Montrose

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDHPE) is coming to Montrose this Thursday, July 31st seeking public comment about proposed changes to the Colorado Radiation Control Act (RCA).

The RCA is Colorado’s state law that regulates uranium and radioactive materials within state boarders as part of an agreement with the federal government.  As an “agreement state,” Colorado agrees to uphold national laws meant to protect the public from the harmful impacts of uranium milling. However, the contentious licensing process for the Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill revealed that state regulations do not comply with federal standards. 

CDPHE is now attempting to reconcile state law to federal requirements and is proposing changes to the RCA that will guide the future of uranium regulation in Colorado.

Help seize this important opportunity to ensure that the RCA is only improved by these changes! Join us this Thursday so we can create a strong, sensible law that will protect the public health of our communities and our environmental safety!

WHAT: CDPHE Radiation Control Act Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, July 31st at 6pm at the Holiday Inn Express
WHERE: 1391 South Townsend AveMontrose

*We will also be meeting beforehand at Sal’s Pizza Place at 5pm to prepare for the meeting.  Feel free to join us!

The proposed changes can be found on CDHPE’s website, as well as presentations and notes from these public meetings.

Written comments can  be submitted until August 29, 2014.  Send them via e-mail to
cdphe_[email protected]state.co.us

Contact Emily Hornback for more information: 970-256-7650[email protected]


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