Deal struck on O&G ballot measures

Big News This Week: Ballot measures related to oil & gas will not be on the Colorado ticket this November.

On the day petitions were to be turned-in, an 11th hour deal was struck for Ballot Measures 88 and 89 (two we liked) and two industry-sponsored initiatives.

Number 88 would have increased oil & gas “setbacks” to 2000 feet from homes and other occupied structures. Number 89 would have written into the state constitution a residents’ right to clean air, pure water and natural or scenic values. Both sounded great to WCC, and all summer long we teamed up with Coloradans for a Safe & Clean Energy to collect signatures and share stories from the West Slope oil & gas patch.

For better or worse, that’s all gone now. But we’ve still got a chance to make a difference: Click here to email Governor John Hickenlooper today!

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