3 Reasons to Vote YES on Proposition 105!

Monsanto is spending millions to frighten and mislead voters. Dig Deeper….Proposition 105 is about transparency and consumer choice.

Right2Know_CO_Logo-300x147By now Monsanto and company have spent over $11 million on misleading ad campaigns in Colorado in attempt to confuse and frighten voters. Show Monsanto that your vote is not for sale. We have the right to know what’s in our food and Proposition 105 is a good first step for Colorado.

You may have seen the fancy TV ads and glossy colored mailers with slick messaging. This propaganda, designed to confuse and scare voters, is filled with misinformation and false claims. You don’t have to take our word for it. Channel 9 News featured one of the anti-labeling ads in a recent “Truth Test” segment. Click here to watch the whole 3-minute video. You can also check out the full “ad-rebuttal” statement from Right to Know Colorado.

It takes organized people to beat organized money. Here are 3 reasons to vote YES on 105 and 3 things you can do today to ensure we have the Right to Know what we feed our families in Colorado.

3 Reasons to Vote YES on Prop 105!

This is about informed consumer choice: It’s a label, not a ban. There is no requirement that farmers change their practices. The only requirement is that food be labeled just like it already is for many of our trading partners around the world.

Labeling works and does NOT lead to a spike in food prices. Consumers Union released a report that estimates the cost to consumers for labeling genetically engineered foods at just $2.30 per year. That’s less than a penny per day.

Coloradans should not be left in the dark. Current non-GMO and organic labeling is voluntary and covers less than 10% of available food products. According to Consumer Reports, many “Natural” products contain significant GMO content. Proposition 105 is a reasonable first step in Colorado and will cover 70% of foods found on Colorado shelves.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Sign up here for a free Tele-Town Hall TONIGHT, Wednesday, Oct. 29th from 6:30-7:30 to “ask a Farmer how Prop 105 will affect them”


In these last days leading up to the election, it’s not to late to make a difference and help get out the vote.

Here are 3 things you can do today!

1. Put out a YES on 105 yard sign. FREE and available in the WCC office in Grand Juntion and other locations around the state. Call Rachel at (970) 640-2246 to get yours!

2. Call swing voters today. Call Colorado voters using an automated online system and ask them to vote YES on 105. Phone/Internet connection required. Click here to sign up.

3. VOTE! Still haven’t mailed in your ballot? Drop it off today at a nearby location. Ballot lost in the mail? Visit a nearby voting center before 7:00pm, November 4th to get your ballot and cast your vote.


Vote Nov 4

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