Now or Never

Today’s the day. Vote now or forever hold your peace. Well…maybe not forever…but at least until next election.


It’s a BIG DAY and Coloradans are turning out to vote this Election Day. Many Colorado voters have already turned-in their ballots, and it’s down to the wire for the rest of our state’s 3.6 Million registered voters.

Be sure to VOTE by 7pm today (Nov 4)! Click here to see where.

You’re busy and life’s crazy-we get that. Yet a few minutes to vote could spell years of legacy. On the ballot are some big things, ranging from Genetically Modified Food to scores of races. Click here to read the full list of state-wide items in the official voter guide. Results are going to be counted over the next few days, and hopefully you’ll be a part of history. As votes are finalized, this link will give you results from the Secretary of State.

If you haven’t voted yet, get down to your local election center by 7pm today!


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