Only 3 days left to stop methane waste and pollution!

Only 3 days left to stop methane waste and pollution!

Please take a moment to send in a comment today!

The deadline for public comment on proposed new rules to reduce methane emissions GarCO Flarefrom oil and gas development on federal and tribal lands is this Friday, April 22.

Each year, $300 million worth of natural gas – gas that’s owned by we the taxpayers – is lost through venting and flaring into the atmosphere, or just through leaky equipment. This is enough gas to heat the whole city of Denver!

In Colorado, we know we can do better because we’ve passed similar rules for our state. And now we have the chance to stop this needless waste across the country by supporting the BLM’s new methane rules.

Please take a moment and submit your comment today!

In sum, the BLM’s proposal for federal and tribal oil and gas resources would:

  • Reduce drilling-related air pollution,
  • Decrease the waste of natural gas, and
  • Increase royalty revenues for both state and tribal governments.

These rules are great start, but they could be strengthened in key areas:

  • Leak detection and repair requirements,
  • Control of methane emissions from oil and gas infrastructure,
  • Regulation of flaring, and
  • Enforcement of the rules.

Have no doubt that your voice is needed. The oil and gas industry is fighting this proposal, and a groundswell of public support is critical to passing strong, sensible rules to protect this public resource.

Act now and urge the BLM to further cut waste and pollution from federal and tribal oil and gas development. It only takes a minute to send your comments from our action page.

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