Clean Energy and Economic Development

For the members of Western Colorado Congress, clean energy development isn’t just about caring for the environment but ensuring the economic stability of our communities.

The future of oil, gas and coal as economic drivers in our community is murky, and as we endure another bout of layoffs in oil and coal we need to explore another way of doing business on the Western Slope.

At WCC we support a dual approach of conservation and market-based solutions to promote clean energy economic development to create jobs and stable communities.

Our Values

  • Just Transition: promote alternative energy and provide employment options for displaced fossil fuel workers.
  • Innovation: become a model for rural areas to link clean energy and economic growth.
  • Quality of Life: protect the beautiful places that make the Western Slope a great place to live, work and play.
  • Independence: take control of our energy future.
  • Economic Freedom: voluntary, market-based approaches to change.

Our Campaigns

Clean Energy Loans for Business Owners

The problem: the upfront costs of solar and other energy capital projects can be steep and out of the reach of many small-business owners.

The solution: a title loan for clean energy improvements that removes most of the risk and allows business owners to reap the savings of clean energy. Learn more…

Clean Energy and Economic Competitiveness Council

The problem: Western Slope communities have stagnant economies pinned to the boom and bust fortunes of the energy industry.

The solution: A Citizens Advisory Board in Grand Junction with the power to create a forward-thinking plan with clear steps to improve energy efficiency, wean ourselves off fossil fuels and drive economic growth with expanded clean energy industry. Learn more…