Community Center for Grand Junction

The Problem: Grand Junction has a shortage of community spaces, especially for kids, seniors and families.

The founding members of PLACE (back row: Brenda, Andreya, Robert and front: Wendy, Judy and Kimberly)

The Solution: a publicly funded and affordable community center where families can play and grow together, community groups can work together and we can strengthen the social bonds that make Grand Junction feel like home.

More than just a place to exercise, the center we envision will be a true gathering place for youth, seniors and families; a place to create and maintain social connections; a place to learn and stay strong and healthy in body and mind. And it will be welcoming to all, regardless of income.

There have been efforts to build a community center here off and on for 40 years. This time we’re taking a different approach by building excitement for a center from the ground up and working with established community organizations that share our vision.

This fall new and old WCC members created People for Local Activities and Community Enrichment (PLACE) to organize for a center and help create a sense of place in Junction.

“Grand Junction is the heart of the Western Slope and we should be leaders in creating a community with vision,” said Kimberly Langston,a  member of our campaign team that’s spearheading a grassroots effort to create a vision for the center, figure out how to pay for it and then get it built.

“I am excited to see more people get engaged in making Grand Junction feel like ‘home’ where we know and care about our neighbors of all ages and backgrounds,” Langston said. Especially as our community grows and we hope to attract new families, vibrant seniors and sustainable business investments, having one center to bring us together is invaluable.”

Want to know more? Contact Mesa County organizer Matt King at [email protected] or 970-640-4061.