Citizen Advisory Board in Grand Junction

The Problem: Western Slope communities have stagnant economies pinned to the boom and bust fortunes of the energy industry.

The Solution: A Citizens Advisory Board in Grand Junction with the power to create a forward-thinking plan with clear steps to improve energy efficiency, wean ourselves off fossil fuels and drive economic growth with expanded clean energy industry

If we’re going to build a new economy and clean energy future, we need to get to work. And we need to plan.

A common practice across Colorado and the country is to convene experts and engaged citizens to create a vision for clean energy and economic development on a local and regional scale. These groups are empowered to set targets and goals that city and county officials consider in their planning and budget decisions.

There are countless examples of this approach. A few we like are from:

We’re working to establish a citizens’ advisory board in Junction with the power to help our communities prepare for a healthy and economically stable future.
For information on this campaign contact Mesa County organizer Matt King at [email protected] or 970-640-4061.