Join WCC in Denver to Testify on New Oil and Gas Rules

Let’s Make it Clear: Drilling Rigs Do Not Belong in Neighborhoods!

After almost two years of ballot initiatives, task force deliberations, and months of stakeholder meetings, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has released a set of draft rules to govern: 1) the location of large scale oil and gas facilities near homes and 2) local governments authority over oil and gas development within their boundaries.

These draft “residential drilling” rules are an incredible disappointment. Far from offering solutions and relief to communities, the proposed rules will continue to permit drilling in residential areas with hardly a blink of an eye.  In fact, the current rules will impact less than 1% of the oil and gas locations in Colorado.

However, our work to hold the COGCC accountable to impacted communities is not over. The first set of hearings on the rules will be in Denver next week and we plan to show up in force!

COGCC Public Comment & Formal Hearing:
Monday, November 16th & Tuesday, November 17th
at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1150 Court Place

Sign up here to join us and allies across the state to speak at the hearing.
Together we will make it clear: large scale oil and gas development does not belong in neighborhoods!

We already have a crew ready to travel but more support is needed! WCC can help with travel, lodging and other costs. Please just let us know soon so we can budget accordingly.

These so called “residential drilling rules” have been months in the making. WCC members has been meeting with the COGCC since July, asking for common sense regulations to address the growing problem of large scale oil and gas facilities built right next to schools, hospitals, and subdivisions.

Although the outcome of this rulemaking is uncertain, we are committed to seeing this process through. If the COGCC will not offer solutions, then WCC and our allies will work together to find a way forward. One thing is for sure, the fight is far from over and we wont stop until our communities have the regulations they need to protect their health, property, and quality of life.

Stay tuned for more details! If you would like to join us in Denver or want more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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