Statewide Oil & Gas Regulation

Reforming Statewide Oil and Gas Policies

WCC members spoke in front of the COGCC during rulemaking hearings in January 2016.

WCC has worked for decades to improve the state rules and laws that govern oil and gas development. From engaging in Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rule-makings to working with our elected officials at the legislature, we use every tool in the tool box to create a higher standard for oil and gas development across the state.

We have been active in the 2016 legislative session, supporting bills to affirm local control over oil and gas development, to amend the mission statement of the COGCC to be more fair and balanced, and to hold the industry liable for damage to property owners.  With the current political balance of power, these bills have faced a tough uphill battle.

If the legislature fails to act, impacted people are prepared to rally around proposed ballot initiatives for setbacks and local control. WCC is reviewing these proposals and discussing them with our members. Either way, we will continue to find a path forward on these critical issues.

Contact WCC Organizer Emily Hornback at (970) 256-7650 or emily(at) for more information or to get involved.